With 20 years of event organizing experience, holding leadership positions at several renowned international agencies, and overcoming countless challenges along the way, we have managed to assemble a team that doesn’t focus on the problem but on the solution. This sets us apart from others and propels us forward because the question is not whether it’s achievable or not, but how.

Rendezvényszervezés - HRSNY Events
Harsányi Dorka - HRSNY Events
Rendezvényszervezés - HRSNY Events


…which is never enough because it’s not just about building good relationships with the top players in the local service market; it’s also about staying alert, researching new technologies, and finding innovative yet cost-effective solutions. This is what makes our corporate events, gala dinners, client parties, press conferences, or protocol events stand out even more.


…characterizes us, as we have proven ourselves not only in intimate private family events and corporate gatherings and team-building activities but also in handling large festivals, international events, and serving clients abroad.


…is something we demand not only from our own colleagues but also from our subcontractors because in the field of event organization, there’s no room for error.


…We offer full-service solutions. By getting to know our clients well, we help them reach their goals and make our collaboration a memorable experience. From planning to execution, they can rely on us every step of the way.


The photos were taken at corporate events and client parties for which we were the event organizers or played a role in their execution



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